Why I Blog

Ok, ok, I’m a little late with this… who am I kidding, I’m INSANELY late with this… but I didn’t want to *not* participate in my friend’s carnival just because I’m a few weeks out!

So, the big question, why do I blog? Honestly, I’ve not really got any concrete answers to that, I guess the closest I can come is that, like it’s namesake, this place is a little space for me. Somewhere I can spend time writing, showing off photos – especially of my boys – and generally vent and get things off my chest if and when I need them. It’s a reason for me to allow myself some ‘me-time’. Let’s face it, every mother needs some me-time right?

Even if most of what I write about are the reasons I don’t have much me-time to begin with, at the end of the day, my blog is my space, my own personal island where I make the rules, I choose the music, and I can just be myself… but best of all? I get to share my life with some of the most wonderful people. People I would never have even known existed if it weren’t for starting this blog. People I now consider friends and think about regularly, wondering how they are, what they are doing, how their little ones are.

I suppose really, TRUTHFULLY, the real reason I blog… is for my readers, my friends. The overwhelming support when I’ve been feeling down, the sheer excitement when something new happens for us, it’s something I feel blessed to be a part of, and I don’t ever want to let any of you go!


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