Why do I keep leaving my posts till the last minute?!

he past week I have only just remembered to post with half an hour to go until I would technically ‘miss’ a day. So silly as then I end up rushing what I’m writing and don’t remember everything I’ve wanted to say!

We’ve had a lazy day here. Took Zack out in the garden and he and next door’s lil boy wanted to go out the back to the communal garden that we share with all the other flat in our area. What did I see when we went out there? Two bin bags had been ripped open and their contents (including a bin-ful of Max’s nappies, an old TV that had been bashed and broken into pieces, and various other rubbishy things) were all over the pathway between our bedroom window and what would have been next door’s kitchen.

Come to think of it I should have taken before and after pictures, but I was kind of busy keeping the boys away from it all while deciding how I could go about cleaning it up. I ended up getting on old clothes, finding a pair of gardening gloves and pulling two of the wheelie-bins out the back to put all the rubbish into.

Really hope I don’t have to do that again anytime soon, but one of the women who lives up the stairs came down to help me out and swept the paving once I’d finished clearing away the rubbish so even if the two of us can keep at it, hopefully the place will be a bit cleaner and nicer for everyone who lives here.

One of Zack’s new phrases is “Oh FINE then” when I ask him (usually repeatedly) to do something like tidy up his toys, eat his dinner, pretty much anything to be honest. He has gone past the ‘cute’-terrible-two’s and is definitely moving into the obnoxious toddler that I often want to shut in a (padded) cupboard. This is usually when I bring out something that he’s been asking for over and over and OVER again, for him to then say “This is BO-ring…”. I don’t *really* want to ring his neck… honest… it’s just that when he starts shouting mummymummymummymummy repeatedly, in my ear, for no reason other than he wants to annoy me (or so it would seem), well, those of you who have toddlers can imagine I’m sure 😛

Luckily Max has been being pretty totally and utterly cute, including sleeping til past 8am for the past few nights, maybe waking at 4am for half a feed and then back asleep for longer – long may that last!! PLEASE let it last!


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