When you can’t think of what to write…

…just write down all the random crap that comes to your head!

  • When the health visitor came to see us last week she said that Max was having too much of the stage 3 milk he was on… so we thought, since he was always wanting milk, that we’d get him back on the stage 2 stuff (which he’s had before), in the hopes that he’d not taste any different.
  • Ahahahahahahaha.  He’s now been crying for 25 minutes cause he’s hungry, and tired, but wants milk, but NOT the only milk in the house we have to give him – the stage 2 stuff.  To top it off, J has gone for a drink with a friend, so luck me – I get to deal with this all on my own… yay!
  • Also, next door’s 3.5yr old keeps knockin on the door to ask for Zack to come and play – how cute! Except he keeps asking this when it’s almost time for Zack to be getting ready for bed… if only he’d come round a lil earlier to ask!
  • I keep drooling over macro lenses… not that I can get one anytime soon, but still… *drools.
  • I’ve been playing wow a lot in the evenings.  If J’s gonna play it then why shouldn’t I eh?!
  • It’s been pretty wet and miserable here for the past few days – a right pain in the butt when I want to get Zack out more to use up some energy! Oh well, ‘good for the garden’ and all that…
  • Speaking of which – oh my word our grass *really* needs to be cut – I think I’d lose Max in there if he could crawl!! Unfortunately we managed to mow through the cable for the lawnmower last year.  Tried re-wiring it to find that it actually cut through the end closest to the mower, leaving no cord left… so that’s something we need to go buy before actually attempting to cut the grass.
  • Max is still crying for milk, although he will just cry cause it’s not the milk he usually has, so I’m just having to leave him to whinge. Hate doing that… maybe I’ll put on some music to drown it out? No? Oh… I’ve got to be able to hear him.. right. Damn.
  • I’ve not been loading up Twhirl the past few days – I missed twitter though so I’ll try to remember to put it on again!
  • Ok I suppose I really should try to get him to sleep huh? *goes to see if he’s hungry again*
  • *back!* So he turned up his nose to the milk… don’t actually think he’s that hungry, he had a full bottle only 2 hours ago. Grumpy wee soul is wide awake though – grr!
  • And did I mention that Zack needs put back in bed at least 4 times an evening before he’ll go to sleep? That’s LOTS of fun, let me tell you! (Please note the sarcasm).
  • Really am going now…
  • NOW!
  • Oh, right… you’re talking to me…
  • *waves* buh bye everyone!


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