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In recent weeks I’ve mentioned a few times how much we spend on groceries each week. Because I’m lazy and a big fat cheap-o, I do my grocery shopping just once a week at the same supermarket, and I try to keep my grocery bill between $50-$60 for a family of three.

Since some of you asked how I spend so little and I have nothing else to blog about today, I figured why not share my grocery list. Of course a few items vary from week to week, depending on my needs (i.e. I’m running low on good coffee). However, I tend to tally up a bill in the ballpark of $50/week. Here’s a breakdown from my latest grocery receipt:

$4.59 – All natural boneless chicken breasts
$3.02 – 93% lean ground beef
$3.58  – Organic tofu x’s 2
$2.79 – All natural deli ham (9 oz)
$2.99 –  American Kraft cheese slices
$2.79 – Less sugar Yoplait yogurt
$2.25 – Life cereal
$1.50 – Natural sugar free applesauce
$1.99 – Organic raisins (6 snack boxes)
$1.00 – Dry Spaghetti pasta
$2.50 – Natural tomato sauce
$1.29 – Loaf of wheat bread (generic)
$1.99 – Organic mini carrots
$1.79 – Celery stalks
$0.45 – Scallion
$1.00 – Small bag of yellow onions
$0.99 – Green beans (1 pound)
$1.25 – Zucchini (1.25 pounds)
$1.99 – Organic cherry tomatoes
$2.50 – Organic mixed greens (salad)
$0.50 – Garlic (full head)
$2.45 – Strawberries (10 oz)
$2.99 – Bag of oranges (3 pounds)
$1.02 – Bananas (2 pounds)
$2.00 – Sun chips
$3.69 – 2% Natural Milk (1 gallon)
$2.29 – 1 dozen brown eggs (large)
$57.19 Total

If I am not being lazy , I will also clip coupons to try and save more. However, I am queen of coupon clipping and then forgetting them all during checkout…until they expire. I also try to stay keen on how much items cost, especially if they’re organic. Sometimes you can find great prices for natural and/or organic foods at places like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s or be completely ripped off. For instance, I find boxes of organic tofu cheaper at Whole Foods than my regular market, but a bag of oranges are twice the price.

For our meals, I tend to cook large enough dinners to allow leftovers for lunch, and breakfasts are as simple as toast and/or fruit. Snacks for my 2-year old are usually fruit (banana, raisins, applesauce, etc), and the same goes for the adults in the house too.

We DO eat out as a family throughout the week, but rarely at a sit-down restaurant. Often times if I’m not in the mood to cook we will order simple take-out. I’m trying to avoid eating fast food (usually $5/combo meal, plus 10,000 calories), and have weaned myself from my daily $3 cup of StarCrack.

How about you?

Do you have any penny pinching tips?

Please share in the comments below


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