We went to visit someone today…

This is Gizmo. Hopefully he’s going to be our new family member… we just need to get the OK from a ‘home visit’ that the Cat’s Protection do before allowing any cat home with you. Isn’t he just gorgeous!

He was more than happy to be picked up, was playful but gentle and generally just a lil sook! Don’t you just LOVE the fluffy/fuzzy tail!?

I’m not so sure if we’ll keep the name or change it, he’s only 9 months old so it wouldn’t be difficult to get him used to another name. Any suggestions? Something I wouldn’t mind calling out if needed… 😉

To my mum and dad: Please just be happy for me ok? I know you won’t like the idea of us getting a cat, but we do! Love you both very very very much!


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