Using Website Development Stats To Check Your Progress

Your website development is a potential gold mine. You can go from 0 to 100, quickly! Statistics can help you, you just have to learn how to use them.

Website stats tell you a variety of things. They can show you which products are doing well and which are not. You can learn what visitors like and dislike about your website development. Do your keywords work? That can be explained also.

By starting a plan for your business, you will be able to map out where your sales should be year by year. With online businesses you can do this through website statistics. In this way, you can measure various initiatives on your site that can directly impact your business.

Your Website Statistics.

Traffic is paramount. If you don’t get traffic, sales will not follow and your business will stagnate. Your marketing plan outlines how you will proceed with getting that traffic. But, it’s definitely not foolproof.

You won’t know if your efforts are working unless you measure them. Statistics will help you here. What do you measure? Here are a few examples:

* Unique visitors (how many different people visit your site).
* Keyword analysis (which keywords bring in traffic and which don’t).
* Conversion rates (to track when visitors progress from reading to actually buying).
* Webpage analysis (see where visitors go to when they are in your website).
* Page views (the number of visitors to each individual page within your site).

These are just some of the statistics you should know about. When you begin marketing, the statistics can help you to see if you are on the right course.

Do the keywords you use drive traffic?

While you can gather statistics monthly, sometimes it takes a few months to identify a trend. Trends are a measure of the way that your current plan is taking shape. As such, you should not make too many changes to your plan, allowing several months to see if anything is working or not. When a business is in start-up mode, it will take that long to get an accurate measure of sales.

Site stats give you a starting point. If you don’t have a way to measure things, you don’t know whether you’re hitting your target or missing it. Looking at all the statistics together gives you a better idea of what to change first in an attempt to improve your business.

So, if you have not instituted a way to measure vital information pertaining to your website business, it’s time to do so. You can get both free and paid software tools to help you with this task. You can also hire companies to measure that information for you and analyse the data to anticipate the next move that you need to make. But, for small online business endeavours, using software to compile the data and your own brain to analyse it will suffice.


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