Thirteen things I wanted to be or do when I was growing up.

  1. To be a famous horse-rider with a stud-farm. I knew EVERYTHING about horses even though I never had a lesson.
  2. To be a vet. Same as above for pretty much most animals!
  3. I wanted to be a singer. I loved singing in the school choir, unfortunately my lack of any sort of singing in the past 5 years has left my voice to be slightly lacking now to say the least.
  4. An artist. I was pretty good in art class at school, top of the class in fact. I decided that I’d rather keep it as a hobby than try to do it for a day job. Alas, just like the singing, I’m out of practice.
  5. A movie star – who wouldn’t want to get into cut-scenes with the cute kid from Free Willy (ok I was only like 10 there right? leave me alone!)?
  6. I wanted to be an interior designer. I still think I’m pretty good at that sort of thing – I’d so love to be able to design my own house, if money was no object then wow I’d be in heaven!
  7. The love of animals led to me wanting to become a marine biologist.
  8. Then I realized I’d end up looking at plankton for the rest of my life so I thought biomedical sciences would be more fun – I was always fascinated by the things going on in my body every second just to keep me alive.
  9. Then I went off at a tangent and wanted to be a psychologist.
  10. After being at Uni for a while I decided that I still wanted to do science rather than psychology, so I switched degrees to Pharmacology and Physiology deciding that I wanted to go into research.
  11. Once J had proposed to me I wanted to be a good wife for him, something I still struggle with today. Lets face it, we can’t be perfect ALL the time!
  12. Once I had Zack all I wanted was to be a good mum to him, and I actually think I’m doing a pretty good job on that one, yay me!
  13. Once I had Max all I wanted was to get some sleep again. We’re still working on that one…

… and that pretty much brings us up to date with things I want to be or do as I grow up, I’m sure there will be more to add to this list as the years go by!


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