The Best Form of Birth Control

Trust me. I searched high and low for any. other. picture. suitable for today’s theme. I’ve been staring at this picture in “write post” mode for over 2 hours, and I haven’t found the courage to press “publish” just yet. I’ve even considered posting a shot of my car. But this picture of me pregnant at 36 weeks still seems heavier.

This is the heaviest I’ve ever been. NO, I was not carrying twins. And NO, this isn’t my best impression of Shamu.

Whenever hubby asks why I’m not ready to have another child, this photo surfaces.

My husband rarely ever picks up a camera, so during my pregnancy I promised myself I would document my belly growth each week in a photo (even while on bedrest for 4 months). I have over 30 photos of me standing in this exact same spot since there was only 1 piece of furniture high enough to prop my camera on top of.

I’m sure I’ll regret this, and may possibly even pull it post down later.

Take it in my friends!

Here lies the best form of birth control…


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