Thank You and Proper Comment Etiquette…

Dear readers,

Please allow me to thank ALL of you who stopped by and commented on yesterday’s post. I never imagined I would get a response like I did. Some of you even de-lurked! While pacing back and forth in a panic yesterday, my MacBook pinged every few moments with your comments as a reminder of how sweet and helpful all of you are. YOU. ALL. ROCK! I cannot thank you enough for keeping me afloat throughout this turbulent time (In case you missed it, I posted an update on yesterday’s post regarding our loan).

In lieu of all your support, I want to pass this lovely bouquet of flowers LaskiGal awarded me with to everyone who came out and left a comment yesterday.

Your responses were so incredible, that it is currently 1:00am and I have still not been able to catch up with everyone’s posts.

So this brings me to today’s topic. I noticed Grandy posted about wanting to know how to respond to blog comments yesterday. And when I came to think of it, I have no idea! When I began blogging a few months ago, I wrestled with this same question throughout the day as kind readers dropped their pearls of wisdom or well wishes at the end of my posts. Should I leave replies on my blog within the comments page? Then I checked my Feedburner stats, and find that a whole 2 people are signed up for my comment feeds. Scratch that idea. So instead I send most of you a personal reply via email (since my host sends me individual email notifications when you comment). But what I try to do most of all is run over to your blog and read up on your latest post so that I can return the comment love.

I’ve been trying to do this for about 3 months now, and it’s still a bit of a conumdrum. Am I doing it right? Am I annoying you? Do I make you feel unloved?…

I’m feeling a bit naked standing here confessing my behind the scenes blog habits to you.

What is proper blog comment etiquette? How do you treat the comments and traffic on your blog? Do you respond on your own comment page? In an email? Do you return the comment love? Are you completely bored by this post and wish I would just shut up and just post more pictures of me with my head buried in my hands? Well it’s past 1 am and I must socialize the toddler in a few hours.

Please leave a comment and share your comment habits and tips. And if you do so, please take this award that Baby-Amore gave to me as a thank you for Spreading The Love!


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