Sponge Cake

Toddlerhood presents a flurry of new adventures for a parent and child. Between potty training, preschool, and balancing on a scooter, a day in the life of a toddler requires a constant flow of energy.  On top of that, they are also in perpetual “sponge mode.” Alright, perhaps that’s not really the technical term for it, but in essence, that’s what they do at this stage- absorb aspects of the life around them.  And every child is different in discerning which information they allow to soak in.  Some will mimic actions- like how to use a fork, or fold paper- and some will mimic speech…

Dadisodes narrowly misses hitting a car while abruptly changing lanes at 65mph

Me: *irrationally gripping armrest for dear life*  Geez!  Slow down!  You’re driving like a maniac!

 *screaming from backseat*  Yeah daddy! You drive like maniac!


And of course, now all of her preschool teachers and friends are well informed on his maniacal driving.

However, it is not so much the parroting that annoys impresses me.  It is the signs of deductive reasoning.  Evidence that a toddler is learning to digest the absorbed information, and then inferring their own conclusions.

Several hours after a meal.

Babisodes: Mommy, am I going to be as big as you?

Me: Yup, you’ll probably will be as big as me one day.

Babisodes:  Soon?

Me: Well…not exactly soon. When you’re older, in a few years.

Babisodes:  But I want to be big now!

Me: Why?

  So I can have big dessert like you.


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