So What If They’re Fake?

It’s 7:00am Saturday morning as I write this. I nearly forgot all about posting a photohunt today. When I checked the website for the theme, I was stumped . After digging through dozens of folders in my photo library, I let out a big *sigh* and sat defeated in my chair. I peered outside of my kitchen window, and sipped my coffee. The rain trickled down from our roof, and beside our window a temperature gauge read 38F degrees. Ahh, and then I remembered…

For today’s theme “different” I thought I’d share some of the places I miss dearly and long to be whisked away to on this cold and rainy morning.

Up first, the most popular destination in the world, Paris.

In a close second, New York City.

What is so “different” about these places you ask? If you haven’t already noticed, both cities are merely replica hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada. I took these photos 3 years ago before our wedding at the Paris Hotel. I’ve never been to the real Paris, and I believe NYC is nearly the same temperature as it is here today. So I’ll take either of the 2 fake cities today, and Vegas too 😉

I wanted to throw in this picture as well. I snapped this photo during an animal show at the San Diego Zoo in California because of the truly unique and “different” kind of friendship they share.

Apparently the cheetah and the golden retriever have been best friends for years!


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