So I made another blog…

… and it’s set to private for now. I need somewhere I can completely be myself – including rants about family, so I’ve got it set to private and it’s only for a few friends to read. If you want to be ‘invited’ to be able read it then let me know in the comments of this post and I’ll let you know.

I hope you understand why – I just need somewhere that I can let off steam, without having to worry about anyone getting hurt by it. I need somewhere I can rant and bitch uncensored that I can just brain-dump to, and I don’t really feel like I can do that here tbh. Too many “Real Life” people who I know read it now and thus I have to be careful of what I say.

Anyhoo… like I said, let me know if you want to read my rants and I’ll give you the address and figure out how to ‘invite’ you to read it (it’s on Blogger as invite-only).


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