Showing off

I just couldn’t help myself – had to show off my beautiful little boy. I can hardly believe he’ll be one in 2 months… where has the time gone??

He’s started saying Dada now, well… ish.

Still not quite crawling – why bother when your big bro will pass you everything? Although I can see he’s getting closer to doing it, he only needs to figure out how to stay up on his knees instead of pushing himself back, then he’s halfway there, right?

I’m pretty sure he’s getting frustrated by the fact he’s not that mobile yet – that frustration comes out as a Very Noisy Baby who screams, shrieks and shouts constantly. No wonder I look forward to 7pm so much – I swear my nerves are shot by the end of the day!

On top of this, Zack is being your typical 3 year old and pushing every boundary possible. I have to keep reminding myself to keep calm and not shout.

So, I seem to have two difficult children at the moment, not to mention J being at home too! *sigh*

At least there’s always something to do… right?


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