Rebound my arse!

J and I first met FIVE YEARS ago today! Talk about time flying.

Since it makes for some blog fodder, let me tell you about that night…

My friend and his (J’s) flat-mate were going out at the time. She had invited me out for the night, and J was going to meet us at the pub across from his work. The Nether was one of my favourite haunts as a student – I probably spent almost as much time sitting in that pub chatting to my friends as I did at uni… hmm, that could be why I dropped out actually… >_< Anyhoo, off I went, dressed to the nines and wearing my Awesome Pink Hat (aka the pulling hat) to go out n have a great time. I had just been stood up by my at-the-time boyfriend for the millionth time so I decided it was time for me to go out and ENJOY myself for once! I got to the pub and there was a seat right there waiting for me with my friends. I sat down, started chattering away til someone nicked my hat and insisted that I’d stolen his seat! How dare he! The flirting started from there and went on all night long. We stayed at the pub for a good while, until the student union’s club opened, and carried on our night out there. Now I’ve alway LOVED dancing. I could spend hours at a time back then on the dancefloor. It didn’t even matter if my friends were there or not - sure I had more fun when I was with them, but if a good song came on (and they were almost ALL good songs!) and no one would come dance with me, I’d still weave my way through the dancefloor to let my hair down and just… OH I loved to dance!! Add in J to the mix, and the whole thing of “I really shouldn’t be doing this, I’m with someone, even if he is a prick and I’m gonna dump him, I really shouldn’t…” and oh my word - talk about an intense night! Even now just thinking about it gives me those shivers up my back! So, the end of the night came, and J walked me home - not wanting me to go on my own of course. We said goodbye at my door, and he left. We didn’t even kiss. Bloody gentlemen, I mean really! I thought about shouting over to him to see if he wanted a coffee “or something”, but by the time I would have worked up the nerve for it, he was too far away to hear. I went to bed with the beat of the music throbbing in my ears, sure that this guy was something I couldn’t just pass up. Two days later, the boyfriend got dumped. Two days after that? J and I got together. A couple of days later I got an email from the ex saying that J was “soooo rebound”. Five years later, we’re married with two kids. We may not have had the easiest of rides, but we still love each other, and we’re still together. So, Mr Ex. I have one thing to say to you: rebound! my! arse!


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