Outsourcing Your Online Business Processes

Contemplating Outsourcing Your Internet Processes during these economic times is a tuff pill to swallow. But let me explain how this is something that not only makes sense, it can be done without needing to remortgage the house.

If you have spent any time searching for terms such as “make money online” or “lose weight now” you know the web is full of various forms of quick rich quick scams or “snake Oil” promises. The truth is, one can make money online, lots of people are doing it.

In fact the web is producing an ever growing population of wealthy home business people. The part that so many sales pages don’t admit, is that it takes a lot of work to build and maintain a Internet Marketing business.

There are plenty of Honest Online Business Opportunities;

  • Open an Online store,
  • Selling on eBay and other third party sites,
  • Create and sell your own Information/digital product (or a resell item),
  • Flipping websites,
  • PPC Marketing,
  • Software or other downloadable product development/sales,
  • Web Blogging (topics are only limited by imagination),
  • And the list goes on.

If your like me, and I know many families are, you are busy. There never seems to be enough time in the day. I spend a lot of time “on the go” and I think its a lifestyle that many of us would consider pretty normal. So the challenge of building a Profitable Online Business is the plethora of little jobs that need doing, many of them specialized such as graphic/web design, programing, email management, writing, managing social media memberships, market research, product development, link building, etc.

To have a successful Online Business, one must perform all of these tasks regularly for every website developed. Generally speaking, the more (quality) websites a Internet Marketer has active the more money they should be making, or at least the more potential that is there. I am not a web developer, or programmer. Plus, I am already pretty busy, so accomplishing this task on my own is not really realistic. Which brings me to the point of this post, outsourcing.

Many of you are likely aware of some of the following names; Frank Kern, Andy Jenkins, Jim Cockrum, Mike Filsaime, Adam Khoo, Rob Benwell and so on. These are some of the more prominent Internet Marketers. They are known in the industry to have made and continue to make A LOT of money online.

Mentioning them here is not intended as endorsement for anyone in particular at this time, in Fact, even from the big names, one still has to be cautious with all the promos that come out. The point is, these guys are very successful and I Guarantee each one of them has carefully selected Online business processes that they outsource.

I think that Outsourcing is a big portion of their success. With the right skills within your business, it becomes very realistic and feasible to develop an idea, get it running, do it again and again. The business owner develops/finds the idea and develops the direction. The “work” is done by a worker.

Many of the “big dogs” might have a few local employees. But much of their work would be outsourced, often overseas. The advantage of outsourcing overseas is the ability to save a lot of money. For example, a Online Business can have a “Virtual” full time employee for as little as $200US/month.

This person can be a web/graphic developer or designer, a software developer, a writer, a customer support assistant, etc. I know at first this seems wrong. Here is how I look at it. The country where I am hiring from is going through tuff economic times (as are many).

If I give a person $2-400/month, they are very happy. First it is a lot more money in their country and second, they have very limited employment options. So I think the web has dropped boundaries. I can help someone in another country and get a top knotch job done for me for my Online Business. It becomes a win win situation.

The country I recommend looking to Outsource to is the Phillapenes. The Phillapenes presents a unique oportunity. Many of the people are well educated, speak clear and fluent english and have impecable work ethic. An extra bonus, the US dollar exchanges well for them.


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