Of course he would do this…

… when his father was the one who was supposed to get up with him in the night. That’s right everyone – MAX SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT LAST NIGHT!!!! J was supposed to be doing the night feed and of course… we didn’t get woken up until 7.30am – can I hear a WOOT WOOT!!

Needless to say I am going to insist that he gets up with Max tonight (if needed) since technically last night he had b*gger all to do. Lucky sod.

What’s the bets it won’t last?

Sleep through another night? Not likely… we shall see! I am off to bed for now though cause I’m being a boring arse and can’t be bothered to think up a better post… soorrrry!

*smoochies, kisses and wishes for morning sickness not to be too bad for the huge amount of people who are bloody pregnant when I’m not!*


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