Money with Google….What?? How do People Make Money with Google?

Did you know there are many many people that make money with Google? Most of us use it all the time to search for this and that, its a great search engine, the most widely used world wide receiving some one billion search requests a day (someone searching for something).

With a user base that HUGE of course people are making money, not just Google. There are a number of ways this is being done:

  • Increasing traffic to ones own business,
  • Selling ad space to Google on your own website(s) (Google Adsense),
  • Promoting affiliate sites/services/products via Pay Per Click,
    • Through the search engine front page,
    • Through the content network on other sites with Google adsense active,
  • Selling Google advertising management/optimization to businesses.

Of these different methods, one of the best know and popular (historically) is Google Adsense. Folks create/develop (or purchase) information websites and include adsense spaces within their sites. Chances are you have seen this in your own surfing. on many sites you’ll see at the bottom of an advertisement “ads by Google”. This type of ‘Google money’ is still making some sites a lot of money.

But beware the ’snake oil’ sales page that claims you buy their Adsense Website and plug it in for fat fast cash. It just isn’t usually the case, Google is pretty smart and it knows when a site is a “feeder site”. A feeder site is a content site that a bunch of people purchase and launch, quickly creating duplicate information sites all over the web. Google ’sees’ this and buries these sites at the bottom of search results.

The only potentially profitable Google Adsense site is one that is unique and, of course, popular. There are still ways to get these type of sites to rank well, but they require customization, search engine optimization and marketing (PPC and/or social marketing).

I wouldn’t personally recommend chasing this type of ‘Google money’. But if you are interested in this type of model, Clickbanks top selling (as of this writing) adsense related product is Content Website Builder. The challenge with these sites is to drive traffic to them and keep them coming back. As mentioned before, this requires an aggressive marketing plan and a site that visitors like and want to come back to.

If you already have a brick and mortar business or an e commerce website, then implementing the Google Pay Per Click (PPC or Google Ads) network is a fast and easy way to get visitors to your website(s). In fact, PPC is the fastest way to drive massive traffic within the same day a Ads campaign is set up.

This of course costs money. Google charges users every time one of thier ads are ‘clicked’ (hence Pay Per Click). The cost can vary from $0.10 per click to more than a dollar per click based on the maximum bid(s). So if a keyword is ‘hot’ it will cost you. The benifit comes back to the website owner if their product/service is presented in such a way that users will wish to make a purchase or otherwise initiate business with you.

So getting traffic is pretty simple with Google Ads, but turning that traffic into profit for your business depends soly on your websites ability to convert visitors into customers. This is another topic unto itself, website design/development, and one worth some study prior to giving too much money to Google.

Once your confident your site is ready for traffic you can set up an account free with Google Ads and have fun watching the ‘clicks’ and your site vititor count climb. I have written a couple of other posts on the basics of PPC. They are;


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