Missing my music!

You know, I really hadn’t realised how much I missed listening to music regularly until this weekend when I didn’t have ‘game music’ blaring all the time from J and Zack playing together and was able to have my OWN music on.

I’d seen a few people on Plurk talking about Last.fm a few times, but never really took much notice. As of Saturday though, I’ve become hooked. I can listen to a ton of music related to my favourite artists, and oh my word the variety! I think there’s a way to ‘friend’ people or something, but I’ve not really looked into it much – I just love having decent music playing again.

Music has always been a big part of my life. My mum and dad both play the piano, as do I (albeit not much anymore) and I was always singing around the house. Once I was at boarding school I was able to get singing lessons and took part in the school choirs. Music was a HUGE part of my life.

When I went to uni, I lived for clubbing – feeling the music pulling me to the dance floor, pounding in my chest. I guess I was able to just let go of anything and everything when I the music was blaring like that.

It lifts me up when I need it, energises me, calms me down and generally just makes me feel happier in myself.

Who knows, one day we’ll have a piano, maybe our sons will play instruments. I’m pretty damn sure they’ll be good singers – they’ve both got quite a good ear already.

One thing is for sure though, now I’ve got my music back in my life I’m not going to let it out again


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