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FINALLY! He’s been asking to sit on it for a few weeks now but so far as refused to do anything in it, preferring to wait till he had his pull-up-nappy-thingys on before relieving himself. He got such a lot of cheers and praise from it, I hope this is the start of him actually taking an interest… it’d be nice to only have one set of nappies to deal with.

Oooh and there’s also the major thing of Max turning back into the enjoyable baby instead of the screamingbabywhowontlethisparentssleep that he had turned into. I’ve noticed him doing a few new things today – he’s constantly trying to pull himself forward, or upright, lifting his head forward, and he’s started purposefully reaching for things that catch his eye. So I guess the past 2 weeks of mayhem have been his brain developing enough for him to do these things. Go figure.

My parents were over today and will be tomorrow. Max has been an angel all day, and only up once last night at the usual time of 4amish for a feed, then back to sleep. The difference in my mood as a result of having more sleep is amazing. I started taking the meds yesterday and have noticed I’m fidgeting a lot more this evening… this happened last time too but sorted itself out again within a couple of weeks. I hope it does the same this time around too!

So… I’m going over to my parents house for the weekend for a break, and I realised this afternoon that I have almost no clean underwear to take with me, and just the crappy clothes left to wear. To top it off J is on his last pair of trousers as is Zack and Max is in his last sleepsuit! There’s gonna be a minimum of 3/4 loads to get done tomorrow/today if I don’t want to have to do it all on sunday! I also need to set a post to go up on saturday as I’m not sure how stable the net connection will be over at theirs. My trusty laptop will be coming with me though so I can always write any ideas I have for blogging while I’m there to copy and paste when I get home.

I’m sure I can last 2 days without the internet… it’s not like it’s going to kill me, right? RIGHT? I can manage, really I can. *hyperventilates*

I am so looking forward to the weekend though, and now I know Max seems to be back to normal sleep-wise I won’t worry about it being too much for J, so I can just sit back and relaaaax.


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