Lost In Translation

Something magical happens when the worlds of cognition and vocabulary collide. In children, you can almost see the neurons firing in their little heads as they connect objects with names, emotions with words, thoughts into phrases.

Watching the delicate process unfold can be somewhat like the science experiment. Initially, toddlers start off with simple ingredients of basic words. Over time, the words may be mixed together to create potential substances. Then with great trial and error and all of the proper ingredients, eventually a breakthrough meaningful sentence may arise. However, sometimes just a minor alteration or oversight can ruin the finished product and provide misleading false results.

Here is some key evidence to support this theory:

Case #1:

– Me: Sweetheart, please drink that fruit smoothie slowly.

– Toddler: Why?

– Me: Because it’s very cold and you don’t want to drink it fast.

– Toddler: Why?……….*stops drinking from straw and grabs nose*

– Me: See, I told ya.

– Toddler: *grimacing* Mommy, my nose not feel right!

Case #2

– Toddler: I hungree!

 Dadisode: *speeding while driving through a parking lot*
Where do you want to eat lunch after this?

– Toddler: Pissa! Pissa! Chuck-E-Chiss!

– Me: Slow down! There are people crossing the street! Ugh, I’m really not that hungry. Your driving is making me nauseas.

– Toddler: Mommy, what’s wrong?

– Me: Oh nothing. Daddy’s driving is making me want to throw up.

– Toddler: Daaaaaaaadddy! YOU’RE GONNA THROW UP MOMMY!


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