Kissing your kids

I was browsing an old forum I was a part of while pregnant with Max and the question came up of whether or not you kiss your little ones on the lips, and I thought that would be some great blogging material so here it is!

I kissed my mum and dad on the lips till I was in my late teens, I never thought anything of it, but then I just kind of stopped doing it… no particular reason. I guess now I feel like I have my own little family for those kisses if that makes sense? When it comes to Zack and Max I kiss them any chance I get – practically anywhere I get! I mean who could resist those cheeks? That slobbery mouth and baby breath? And never quite knowing if you’re going to get a kiss or someone trying to bite your nose just makes it even more fun, especially now there are TEETH involved!

So what about the other half? Well, J loves the hugs, and is happy to accept the kisses, but he really prefers the rough and tumble play with Zack compared to snuggling up together. I think that’s just dads and sons in general really though isn’t it? When it comes to Max though, he really loves the quiet cuddles with him. The look on his face when he’s with Max without realizing I’m watching – oh he is SO in love with those boys.

Do you kiss your kids on the lips? Just the cheeks? Do you or did you kiss your parents on the mouth and do you still do it? I know, random but there you have it… that’s what’s been going round my head today, most of it while I was zoned out cleaning up the highchair for Max… you don’t want to know how dirty it was before I got started on it! *hangs head in shame* There are (of course!) some pics of him in the chair, but I’ll save them for the weekend since I can’t be bothered having to transfer the pics from the camera, to my laptop, to a flash drive, to the Mac. Yes I know… I’m a lazy sod. Deal with it!


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