It’s Easy Being Green

Once upon a time, there was a girl name Lotus. She was clever, kind, and very sarcastic. One day while taking a walk to clear her clouded mind, she discovered the unsightly, havoc that humans had left behind to disgrace the Mother Nature around her. Trash and litter was scattered everywhere (Read about it here).

With a kind heart, she retraced her steps armed with trash bags. Taking her purpose one step further, she’s challenged all of her readers to do the same and post on February 11th the many ways we make a difference in our daily lives to help preserve Mother Nature, or just tips on how to go “Green.”

As much as I would love to say I wash my laundry with Seventh Generation detergent ($13/bottle), grow my own tomatoes on my apartment balcony, and toss leftovers into a compost heap beside them,… I don’t. In fact, I’m one of those who shamelessly left all the lights on in unoccupied rooms, cranked up the air conditioning, and drove with a lead foot while living as a single gal. But like Lotus, over time, the world around me grew out of focus, and I felt driven to make a change, even if I was merely 1 person making an effort.


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