I’m free!!

It’s 7.30pm and both kidlets are in bed. Ok, so the youngest is currently singing and giggling to himself in his cot, but still… he’s happy, so I’m free for the evening!

What should I do?

I have tidied up after dinner, sorted out the laundry, and the living room is picked up.

I’m pretty much up to date with my reader, same goes for twitter and plurk.

Maybe I should have an early night? I’m tired enough that’s for sure!

Yesterday I decided (while Max was napping) that it was time to move around a couple of bookshelves into the living room to accomodate our ever-increasing DVD and game collection. J got involved too of course, and Zack enjoyed re-finding all the disney movies he’d forgotten all about.

The room looks a bit better now – still cluttered, but I think it always will with 2 computers and 4 cases full of books/dvds/cds/games! Maybe I’ll see about getting some nice fabrics to attach to the tops of them like lil curtains or something. We shall see!

I think I’ll write my shopping list for the week tonight, and then just chillax to some music or podcasts.


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