I Used Behind My Husband’s Back….

Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike mornings? Besides peeling myself from my warm and welcoming bed, the entire process of getting my family and myself ready for the day is quite unpleasant. I am NOT a morning person at all. I’ve spent the greater part of my adult life getting home from work and eating dinner at 8 am, and now I find myself still adjusting to the more human sleep/wake cycle. I can barely utter a word before a cup of coffee, and on weekends, I can shuffle around like an 80-year old man in Pj’s for a good few hours.

Sadly, my weekdays don’t allow that. My recent alarm clock has been a 2-year old tugging at my arm saying “mommy! Wake…UP!” So I have two choices:

1) Get out of bed and shower so I can drive my husband to work on time and get my daughter out of the house
2) or, Let my husband watch her for 10 more minutes so I can continue to be in a
half-asleep/awake state.

Today, I chose option 2. Which meant shower time was going to be tight. I did my usual bathroom routine- brushed my pearly whites, washed my tired face, and then stepped into the steamy shower. Everything was typical, until I realized I needed to shave. Yup, definitely needed to shave. I turned around and looked for my razor, and it wasn’t there. I pushed aside the wet shower curtain to check the counter; it was nowhere to be found! It must have made it into the trash somehow. This was an emergency. I needed something, now! In a state of desperation, I looked up and found this…


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