I Don’t Understand It Myself

1) I love bananas, but hate anything banana flavored.

2) I hate coconut, but love coconut flavor.

3) I can tolerate wearing thongs, but hate g-strings.

4) I love to eat rice, but cannot even look at rice pudding.

5) I love to travel, but hate flying.

6) I can munch on granola, but gag on oatmeal.

7) I can appreciate a massage anywhere (head, back, feet, etc), but if you touch my thighs, I’ll kick you.

8 ) I love guacamole, but hate avocados.

9) I tie my hair back into a ponytail daily, but rarely ever pull it all the way through the hair-tie (not sure why).

10) I love having long hair, but just end up tying it up.

11) I don’t like to wear make-up, but always apply pressed powder.

12) Feet gross me out, but I love flip-flops.

13) I’m a total wuss and hate to watch any type of scary movie or show, but sat glued to my TV yesterday watching a Ghost Hunter marathon (no I did not sleep well).

I think it was his fault…


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