I can never think of a title for my blog posts…

Catchy title huh? It’s so true though, I never can think of anything for titles, maybe I should just leave them blank…

So, I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all the kind messages you all left after my last, ever-so-slightly down in the dumps post from the weekend. I am going to make an appointment for the doctor’s, I will… I just, have been busy with, y’know, stuff. Ok, ok… first thing tomorrow I will give the counseller’s number a call, and make an appt with the doc. Need to get a prescription refilled again anyhoo…

What beautiful weather we’ve been having, and I’ve been a very naughty blogger and not taken enough photos… it’s kind of difficult to be photographing your toddler/some flowers/cat when your also holding a squirming 10 month old… Once he’s walking it’ll be easier. Or harder. I haven’t decided yet! 😉

Speaking of a certain 10 month old… Max has started attempting to say ‘dada’, well… more like ‘dadadadadaga’… but still… he’s getting there! He LOVES being tickled, especially under his lil chin, and under his arms. He’s also finally managed to calm down in his bath enough to actually… ENJOY it a little… big achievement there, he would scream in terror the whole time he was in there previously. This time he at least stopped and looked around for the last 3/4 minutes!

Oooh, and he’s almost figured out how to get up on all fours now, although he does tend to end up moving backwards when he shuffles his back legs down again. Hmm, did that last sentence make sense? Oh well, I tried.

Aaaand… he’s *mostly* sleeping through the night now!!!!! Well, from a last feed at around 11pm-midnight until about 7-8am. Hell, I am NOT gonna complain one little bit… I’ll tell ya one thing though, I really should start going to bed earlier so I can have the same sort of amount of sleep. Instead of reading blogs, ya know?

Zack… well, he’s been, uh, well, he’s happy as larry when he’s outside, but as soon as he’s in he turns into a lil devil child to be honest. Wants attention ALL the time, takes Max’s toys away from him and smiles when he sees his lil bro cry as a result, and I have lost count of the amount of times I’ve put him in his room or (… omg call social services!!!) smacked him for kicking poor wee Rocky.

Yes, my son thinks it’s great fun to terrorise the cat. At least the wee guy can go outside now to get away from Zack! I really do need to get his hair cut soon too. He starts nursery in 2 weeks and boy is he ready for it. So am I. Love him to pieces but it’ll do us both some good to have a break from each other each day.


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