House Of Possible Horrors

Have I ever told you I’m a wuss? A big fat scaredy cat afraid of her own shadow? Well I am. I’ve slept with a nightlight since I was a three. I’m afraid of the dark, heights, spiders, frogs, snakes, worms, insects, rodents, drawn curtains at night, horror movies, lightening, and watching America’s Most Wanted (John Walsh’s voice alone freaks me out).

I alluded to some creepy activity in our house a few days back, and mentioned my daughter keeps saying she sees “ghostses.” And many of you have gathered around the campfire to share your ghostly stories and ghost busting tips. Although I’d like to say I’m sitting back cozy with a few toasted marshmallows, I’m really typing up this entry from beneath my covers with all the lights on in the room.

Needless to say that when I read Sarah’s entry about her own paranormal encounter,… I had to change. my. pants. Go read it, but seriously, bring an extra pair of pants with you.

Anyhow, here’s the low down on our house of possible horrors we’ve now lived in for ohhh…7 days.

It was after 10pm on Monday. We just finished unpacking as many boxes possible for the evening and were ready to call it a day. Hubby and I spent most of the day taking turns unpacking and wrangling the toddler throughout the house. Everywhere except for one room- the dining room. We don’t have a dining table or furniture for that room yet, so we left it alone. The rest of the rooms kept us plenty busy, so we were exhausted and headed upstairs for the night. As hubby brushed his teeth, I turned on our tiny 12” TV in our bedroom with the sound nearly off (I like to read Closed Captioning on the Weather Channel). As I waited for the local weather update, I walked out of our bedroom to join hubby to brush my teeth.


Hubby and I both heard the loud noise downstairs and stood a bit frozen for a minute waiting to hear more to follow. It was silent.

We gingerly tip-toed downstairs to assess the areas. Living room, nothing. Kitchen, nothing, Dining room…um, who opened the window?!?!

As I mentioned before, none of us ever went into this room or touched anything in it.

Hold onto your pants as I give you the lamest re-enactment, ever. What? I’m afraid of the dark remember?

Here is what the window shade looked like all day.


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