House of Flu

This crying sleepy lil boy has been unwell with a cough and cold for a while now, but the last week it’s really stepped up a notch. Coughing all through the night, crying after every cough – screaming to the point he’s making himself sick. All in all, he’s not a well lil guy at the moment, so it’s off to the doctors tomorrow morning to check him over.

Zack… has taken to waking up at around 5am and refusing to go back to sleep, and he’s ohsonoisy it’s just a pain in the butt. Any ideas on how to get a 3 year old to go back to sleep when it’s still dark outside anyway?? Doesn’t seem to matter whether we put him to bed later or earlier, he will still wake up *sighs*.

J has this damn fluey thing too, we’re both propping each other up and taking turns on who’s up with the kids and who’s in bed. Not the best way to get better for either of us, but it’ll have to do. I’m not hugely impressed at his lack of doing any housework cause he’s unwell… I still manage to do it fgs! Bloody men!

Oh, and the cat? He’s taken to attacking my feet when I go to bed, and he’s figured out how to push Zack’s door fully open even when it’s been properly shut – oh joy.

So, I have a new iPhone, but no time to play with it cause I’m either feeling rubbish, or taking care of sick kidlets, did I mention that I’m off work sick at the moment on top of that?

Who says ‘it goes by too quickly’…? Roll on the teenage years when they will sleep in and not need help with going to the loo and such. I’m kidding! Don’t worry… I AM enjoying them at this age, I’m just looking forward to them BOTH having more independence!


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