So… J leaves tomorrow to start work on monday. I’ve just about managed to keep it together, but as he was packing this afternoon I guess it’s all just clicked that I probably won’t see him very much at all over the next 6 months or more.

I’m terrified!

Trying so hard not to let myself get upset, I don’t want to let myself start crying as I’m afraid I won’t stop.

I know I can handle this. I will, it’s just going to be hard. Really hard.

I’ll keep myself busy. There’s plenty to be doing: kids, housework, decluttering, studying, blogging and some WoW when I have the time or just need to escape for an evening (I am going to post about that sometime Kelly, promise!).

Not much time left to spend with him though, and I’m being grouchy and snapping. I really should be making the most of it shouldn’t I?


OK, better go compose myself before he comes back with Zack from nursery… I guess I just needed to wallow for a wee bit.

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