Delurk and Wave! Rerolling the Blogroll

How do you find blogs? Do you join social communities? Search? Do you click on blogroll links on your favorite blogs?

I have to admit, I do all of the above. However, with the recent turn of events (see yesterday’s post), I may steer clear of the whole social community setting for a while. There is still the taste of sour apples at the moment. I digress. When I first began blogging a few months ago, I was addicted to clicking other people’s blogroll links.

I have an inherent curiosity to see what other people are reading. By doing so, I’ve found some of my favorite daily reads and love placing them on my blogroll. The only downfall is my blogroll has become a bit of a monster. Some bloggers have designated an entire separate page for their blogroll list, and others are as far-reaching as mine.

On that note, I am revamping the Momisodes blogroll! My personal preference (at the moment) is to have my blogroll on my main page for easy access. I’m lazy. I also hate feeling squeezed for space whenever I want to add one. more. blog to the list. So last night I did a bit of searching for WordPress blogroll plugins and found Better Blogroll. It allows me to display a configurable number of random links from my blogroll on my sidebar.

I currently have it sent to display 10 random links from my blogroll each time the page is loaded. Just refresh if you want to see more. So when visitors arrive at Momisodes, they are not consumed by a monster blogroll on my sidebar anymore. I can now link to as many of your blogs as I like without making my page scroll on forever and ever.


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