De Plane! De Plane!

We finally arrived in North Carolina, and I’m alive!

Not totally coherent,… but alive.

I’ve been anxious about this trip all week. When I booked our flight there was pretty much only 1 flight option available- a flight leaving at the butt-crack of dawn. Anything later in the day would have cost approximately $1000 per ticket. Not an option. So a 4:30am alarm clock woke us this morning, and we barely made our flight.

I’ve mentioned before in a few posts my extreme fear of airplane rides and heights. The motion on airplanes make me sick to my stomach. It often snowballs emotions of nausea that leads to anxiety, which leads to panic! So you can only imagine the horror when we arrived at our Gate terminal to board this on the tarmac…

That is the tiny, 50-seat aircraft we had to fly on. And yes, we had to walk outside of the airport to climb into the the plane. Here is an example of the seating inside.

The isles consisted of 2 seats side-by-side or 1 seat alone. Since we were the last to board the aircraft, all 3 of us were scattered all over the plane. Thankfully, some very kind passengers were willing to switch seats so that our toddler and Dadisode could sit together. Unfortunately, I had to sit alone a few rows away.

This left me to fend for myself inside my reeling head full of panic. I slumped down into my chair and looked pitifully at the poor woman beside me. She had no idea what kind mess she was sitting next to. With the plane still parked on the ground I began rummaging through the chair in front of me for a barf bag, just in case. There wasn’t one available. *sigh* So I sat back in my chair as the plane crept slowly onto the runway, closed my eyes, and prayed for my drugs sink in.

The engine roared and drowned out all sounds around me. My feet vibrated from the engine build up, and soon….we took off. For the first 20 minutes of any plane ride, it appears that I just. don’t. breathe. Taking off is the part I hate the most. However, surprisingly enough, this tiny aircraft was the smoothest ride I’ve ever had!

One and a half hours later we landed, and I remained in my chair, vomit and sedative free. The only pill I took was a half dosage of Dramamine (over-the-counter drug for motion sickness).


Except now, I am still quite groggy from the pill and this post is probably incoherent. Maybe it’s for the best since I’ll be meeting my in-laws in a few hours *sigh* (a post for another day).


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