Daddy! There’s a baby following you!

That’s what J hears every time he goes into the kitchen these days.

Max is totally into the crawling now, and Zack loves trying to be funny… so much so that as soon as J and I start to laugh about something, he will joining in… asking “what is it?” in between the giggles.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes… Zack loves trying to be funny, so this is his latest catch-phrase every time he sees Max escaping through the living room door! You can imagine how often that happens…

He’s also started picking his nose. Not funny in itself, but when he then exclaims “Ewwww YUK! I NEED A TISSUE MUMMY!” at the top of his voice, it’s kind of hard to not grin. Unless he wipes it on you. Then, he gets a time out.

He’s started trying to sing along to all his favourite songs when they are on, mouthing the words when he hasn’t quite got them yet. Today I was serenaded with Incy Wincy Spider complete with actions as soon as I was in the door. I mean seriously… cute much??

His favourite book is “When a Monster is Born” and loves it read every night before he goes to bed. You’d think that would unsettle him, but no. He always has been a little on the strange side mind you. 😉

If I call on my lunch break and ask to talk to him, he’s usually “too busy” playing with his toys, or on the Cbeebies website. It seems that now I’m not around, he’s taken a liking to my Mac… I don’t know whether to think that’s cute, or lock up my baby when I’m out of the house – the fingerprints on it by the time I’m home… ohhh the shame! (Yes my Mac is my third baby – ask any of my collegues, I love my Mac, I’m one of “those” maclovers).

Ah, yes… back on track. Zack and the funny things he says. Well, if I ask him to do something and he’s busy… I get the (cue exasperated tone) “*huhhh* Mummy! I’m busy eating/colouring/doing puzzles here!” I really should get that one recorded… damn cute that boy.

The best for now though has to be the one in the title…


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