Crazed or Not Crazed?…That is the Question

My parental units are still here. Today is the last day of their visit, and as usual my emotions are a little conflicted. The anticipation leading up to their visits are always intense. Since they live many states away, we rarely get to see them and their visits are a always special. However, after spending more than 48 hours with them under the same roof, I’m quickly reminded of the past. A time when I was about, oh…. 15 or 16 years old. Don’t get me wrong. I love my parents, bizarre Chinese superstitions and personality quirks and all (sort of), but sometimes, they can drive me a bit batty.

Here are 13 reasons why I love and not so love having my parents here.
You be the judge…

1) Sandy, do you have a scale? When was the last time you weighed yourself?

2) You need more plants in your house… You need a plant in here… A plant should go right here…Why don’t you plant something here?

3) Are you taking your vitamins? You should take your vitamins Sandy?

4) Why don’t you just quit your job? It’s just not worth it. (I agree)

5) Ella doesn’t look like you AT ALL Sandy.

6) Why is there hair ALL OVER the house? There’s hair everywhere! – my O.C.D dad

7) Gosh Sandy, you really need to clean your car.

8) Go ahead and take a shower, we’ll watch Ella. *Angel choir sings*

9) Dad phones a few relatives (ones I don’t like) and thinks it is all right to divulge how much we paid for our house

10) Your toilets are really loud. Why are they so loud? Did you hear how loud they are?

11) *Mom fills a glass with green slimy substance resembling swamp water*
Here Sandy, drink this. It’s good for you…

Dad: Blah, blah blah in Cantonese.
Toddler: *blank stare*
Dad: Blah, blah blah in Cantonese (louder)
Me: She doesn’t understand Chinese dad.

13) I slept in this morning until 9am and came downstairs to a dog and toddler both fed and happy 🙂

I only hope to have the same opportunity to share some of these torturous moments with Ella in a few years.


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