Crappy Underpants

If you’re a regular reader here then you’ve probably noticed my sluggish posts lately. I usually post my next day’s entry late in the evening before I go to bed, but I’ve been drowning in a heap of work and just life at the moment (will have to post more on that soon). In case you’re new, I recently moved and have been unpacking with a 2-year old and cramming in 2 work-at-home jobs without childcare. SO, that may explain my recent late entries and today’s short Project Support Beauty in Nature post (project created by Lotus challenging bloggers to help preserve Mother Nature), I hope you”ll forgive me. You can check out my first PSBN installment here.

Since moving into our house this month, it has allowed us to make 2 green(er) changes for our family.

1) We can now recycle at our curbside! Yay! No more lugging papers, bottles, milk cartons, etc to recycling centers. Now we keep all of our recyclables sorted throughout the week. Then I forget all about them over the weekend. Then suddenly as I hear the trash truck down the block on Monday morning, I run outside in my pajamas and un-brushed hair dragging my recycle bin to the front of my house. Ah, the joys of being a homeowner.

2) My 2- year old was doing SO WELL with potty training! And then one day, it stopped. Out of the blue. No more potty. We were down to 1 diaper a day, and then a massive relapse occurred. We were still living in an apartment, and she suddenly became terrified of the potty and wanted nothing to do with it. So I decided to hold off on pushing the envelope until all of the dust from the moving settled (and we had non-carpeted floors). Thankfully she still poops on the potty, but business “numero uno,” not so much. So in order to reduce our ridiculous costs for Pull-Ups, and the insane waste it throws into the environment, we’re giving these a try.

These are cloth training pants made by Gerber. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM! Or these.

These are the matching vinyl covers so the cloth training pants won’t leak. These suck even more!

Why you ask? Here’s a list of why you should not waste your money on these (and trust me, they’re not very cheap).

1) The cloth diapers do not fit snug, and there is not nearly enough material in the crotch area.

2) The cloth diaper absorbs NOTHING! I know they’re training pants and a child should feel some wetness, but these are as thin as a T-shirt! Leaving her bare-bummed in her regular pants may be more effective.

3) The vinyl cover will sort of contain the mess, but you’ll have a little puddle inside that is nearly impossible to remove from a toddler without it spilling all over the floor.

4) The vinyl cover is essentially a shower cap worn as bloomers. They’re not comfortable, and you can seriously hear your child walking for MILES!


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