1. Day #3 of my mom’s 3-week visit, and I caught her snooping through my fridge. Where she proceeded to yell at me for not throwing out expired food. *Arghhh* I like to wait for trash day!

2. I CANNOT eat lobster if I’ve seen it alive. Looking at me. Through a fish tank.

3. Same with crab.

4. And fish.

5. But I’m cool with shrimp.

6. And I love eating them all.

7. I am quickly remembering some of the reasons why I wanted to runaway from home when I was 15.

8. I am seeing a new girlie doctor tomorrow for my annual check up. I’ve seen so many ob/gyn’s in recent years because of moving, I think there’s now over 2 dozen professionals out there who’ve seen it all.

9. Babisodes’ birthday is this weekend. I have not finished her birthday gift, yet. I don’t think I’ll be sleeping for the next few days.

10. I have no idea what I’m posting for her birthday. I am drowning in visitors and family gatherings right now. Will I get the “World’s Worst Mom Award” for posting- Happy 3rd Birthday?

11. I am in desperate need of some alone time. Just silence. Last night while everyone was in bed, I tip-toed into the kitchen and ate leftover Chinese food. In the dark. By myself. Straight from the take out box.

12. “Trying” every month is becoming very frustrating. I can’t help but feel as if there is something wrong.

13. I think Aunt Flo is coming to visit…again.


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