Chop, Chop, Snip, Snip, Oh How I Want Back My Tip

In the past two years I’ve let a few things go. I have never been one to really fuss about hair. All of my life I would spend maybe 5 minutes on my hair daily. Up until I had my daughter, I highlighted my hair a few times (at home. I do not recommend) only to find that I am way to lazy to keep up with the unsightly roots. Colored hair is far too high maintenance for me. Nevertheless, pre-baby I did make greater efforts looking after my physical appearance.

After I had my daughter a few things changed. Or rather, a few things stopped. Things such as hair brushing, blow drying, wearing makeup daily, getting haircuts, etc. These days, I’m lucky if a comb passes through my coiffure on a daily basis. While juggling work in and outside of the home and caring for my daughter a year ago, I was much better about it all. But now, I’m afraid I’m starting to slip into the mold of the frumpy mom in sweatpants.

Case in point- I brought my daughter to get her first haircut at a kid hair salon yesterday when I realized that it’s been over 9 months since I had my own hair trimmed. And that is a guestimate. I’m not exactly sure when the last time I had a haircut was. But I do remember that I had the length of my hair cut to my chin level. Now my hair is down to the middle of my back. And my only motivation to get a haircut is our upcoming trip this week.


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