Why I Blog

Ok, ok, I’m a little late with this… who am I kidding, I’m INSANELY late with this… but I didn’t want to *not* participate in my friend’s carnival just because I’m a few weeks out!

So, the big question, why do I blog? Honestly, I’ve not really got any concrete answers to that, I guess the closest I can come is that, like it’s namesake, this place is a little space for me. Somewhere I can spend time writing, showing off photos – especially of my boys – and generally vent and get things off my chest if and when I need them. It’s a reason for me to allow myself some ‘me-time’. Let’s face it, every mother needs some me-time right?

Even if most of what I write about are the reasons I don’t have much me-time to begin with, at the end of the day, my blog is my space, my own personal island where I make the rules, I choose the music, and I can just be myself… but best of all? I get to share my life with some of the most wonderful people. People I would never have even known existed if it weren’t for starting this blog. People I now consider friends and think about regularly, wondering how they are, what they are doing, how their little ones are.

I suppose really, TRUTHFULLY, the real reason I blog… is for my readers, my friends. The overwhelming support when I’ve been feeling down, the sheer excitement when something new happens for us, it’s something I feel blessed to be a part of, and I don’t ever want to let any of you go!

Life isn’t easy for most of us, but that isn’t really a bad thing.

If you have stumbled here, perhaps you are searching for ideas to help inspire you, empower you to improve your life situation, or to make positive changes, or at least learn to be at peace with life’s many many challenges. Or perhaps you are one of my friends on Facebook or a follower on Twitter. No matter, I am glad you are here and I hope you find one or more of these books useful for your life ‘Journey’.

Life isn’t easy for most of us, but that isn’t really a bad thing, if you think about it. It is through challenges and adversity that we build both strength and confidence that we can overcome most anything, if we just hang in there and persevere. I know this isn’t always the case, some people never get past the challenges thrown at them, they turn to self pity, drugs or alcohol and essentially allow life to spiral out of control.

The fact that you are here, reading this post, implies that perhaps you are looking to learn to control your life’s direction or experience, which is the first step in doing so, a desire and belief that you can.

Inspiring Considerations On Becoming The Star Of Your Own Videos

Articles are not the only way that Web surfers find the information that they need. What they do hope to find is relevant and new content, in whatever package it’s presented in. Video media is hot and can attract new website traffic.

You don’t need to worry, we’re not talking about feature-length films. You can create your own video using computer software found on your laptop and desktop. You can start off with a USB connection and a WebCam and be on your way to stardom!

Since you are the business owner, who can tell your story better than you? Be front and centre in your productions, so listeners become aware of you and what you have to say to them. This is where you can showcase your ability.

Top Ways To Attract One Way Links To Your Websites

It is generally known that one way link building techniques and branding work best for the online exposure of a product or service. A fundamental basic strategy and the implementation of a SEO program function as the ultimate role players in the development of a viable marketing scheme that enables business expansion, continuity of service and the access to broader audiences. Special web tools and softwares are forever present in daily web site monitoring, but they are also a must for the creation of rewarding SEO although they are often cataloged as robotic. This means that without a good SEO program, a business has limited chances to attract more customers.

Then, there follows the need to rank high in search engines. A SEO program based on various softwares from a link building service will in fact make the web pages more friendly for the search engines thus improving the ranking of the site. Will any SEO program work? Well, be very careful and demanding with SEO tools; not all the free or fee-based softwares make the right tools for your site optimization. For small and medium business size, the ideal SEO program is one that increases relevant traffic, performs the expected SEO tasks and constantly analyzes the web page.

Using Website Development Stats To Check Your Progress

Your website development is a potential gold mine. You can go from 0 to 100, quickly! Statistics can help you, you just have to learn how to use them.

Website stats tell you a variety of things. They can show you which products are doing well and which are not. You can learn what visitors like and dislike about your website development. Do your keywords work? That can be explained also.

By starting a plan for your business, you will be able to map out where your sales should be year by year. With online businesses you can do this through website statistics. In this way, you can measure various initiatives on your site that can directly impact your business.

Internet Home Business

Lots of things have been said and written on internet business opportunities. Some people are totally disappointed about the mechanisms of online business activity while others have made a fortune working on the world wide web. You can find lots of materials giving you tips about how to start or run an Internet business, but the truth is that theory without direct practice has very few chances of success.

Affiliate marketing is one first idea of Internet business that you are most likely to come across. The system consists of the promotion for various products and services belonging to a mother company. You get a commission for every sales that is made. The pay per click advertising system works as the fundamental support for affiliate marketing, although search engine operation provides other viable ad platforms too. Adsense and Adwords rank in the top of users’ preferences.

What are the essentials to make money blogging?

There are a handful of people and businesses that make A Lot of Money Blogging. Most don’t make a Dime.

There are a few essential things required for a blog to make money. The most important is traffic, people have to be visiting your blog and reading your post and clicking your links (or advertisements on your site).

The traffic that comes to your blog will be most profitable if they are a “buying” audience. This means that the topic of your blog needs to relate to some sort of real world product(s) or service(s) that your visitors may be looking for or interested in (Amazon and eBay are good places to get ideas). There exists a plethora of products and services, so your options are only limited by your imagination.