Busy Busy Busy!

Totally shattered as we’ve been busy rearranging our living room today. We got a gorgeous new sofa yesterday and realized that it didn’t *quite* fit in the initial place we’d been going to put it, cue a complete move around of everything in our living room!

I’ll have pics up at the weekend of our new and improved space, until then… can anyone tell me where do you store your kids’ toys!? We have sooo many and not a clue where to put them all. I’ve thinned them out as much as I can without ending up regretting it when Max is old enough to play with them. I just hate having them all out in our living room as we’ve not really got the place for it and they all get pulled out so blimmin quickly! Any (cheap/free) ideas?

Zack has started saying “What you guys doing?” when he has been left for more than about 2 seconds, cute but wearing after oh, the 50th time? Oooh, and Max has found his feet properly, like without me waving them in front of his face! Sooo cute.


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