Blogging from the inside… Housework/Chores/Dailies

So, I thought I’d write a to-do list while I’m at work with nothing to do. Sunday mornings working on the calls for a business broadband tech desk isn’t very busy to say the least!

Lots of things to do, I’ve been slacking at home, thinking that J could handle the household chores in the same way I could when our roles were the other way around, but it seems he needs a little help with getting things going at least.

  • LAUNDRY. Laundry laundry laundry – don’t skip a day if there’s anything left in that basket, and if there’s nothing in the basket, there’s probably some bed-sheets that could to with being changed!
  • Dishwasher & baby bottles. Ok, so J does this every day (almost) without fail, he’s pretty good with getting this done, so I won’t whine about it!
  • VACUUM the living room floor every day, after every meal that leaves a mess, that dyson should be being used goddammit!
  • Feed the cat (yes this is an every-day task!).
  • IRON Zack’s clothes when he’s got nursery that day… it only takes 5 min in the morning!
  • Think ahead about what you want to make for tea, instead of just making it up that evening.
  • Remember to put Max’s worn clothes in the laundry basket – not on the floor in his room!
  • HELP Zack tidy up his room – he can’t do it on his own, and if you’re with him, it’s doing something together, which we know he loves!
  • Clean the sink and surfaces every day in the kitchen – we (ok, J) cook our kids food there, it needs to be clean!!)
  • Empty cat-litter tray as soon as you smell it, please don’t be leaving it til I’m home – eeeew!!
  • Empty bins (this and the last one go pretty nicely hand-in-hand don’t ya know?).
  • Clean the toilet and surfaces in the bathroom.

*cough* ok… that’s quite a list, but to live in a nice, clean and healthy environment it has to be done, amiright?

I just like the place to be CLEAN ok? I don’t mind if it’s messy – so long as that mess doesn’t include food crumbs, nappies and cat poo.


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