Blinking. It’s Overrated.

I haven’t mentioned this before, but Dadisodes and I have a little a side business. During the week, normal life ensues with him feverishly plugging away at creating video games, and me attending to our daughter and home. However, on the weekends, we all tend to a seasonal operation in our very home.

Every year, hundreds of individuals with extreme levels of carotene approach us for assistance. Each one suffering from a tragic deficiency of facial features, a total lack thereof.

Since Dadisodes and I strive to lead philanthropic lives, we’ve agreed to assist 1 of these needy individuals each year free of charge, and then celebrate their transformation with friends and family.

Last weekend we unanimously agreed upon a most deserving individual, and immediately began his life-changing procedure.

As Dr. Mad Dadisodes and our 3rd year resident scrubbed in, I prepped the patient and set up the operating room accordingly. Once the patient became unconscious, a deep surgical incision was made along the frontal lobe.


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