Bits and pieces, again!

I shouldn’t have stayed up so late last night. I think it was around 3.30am when I last looked at the time. I really *should* start going to bed earlier… but every time I do, I end up awake, tossing and turning, and keeping J awake till around 2am. So what’s the point when I can stay up till then and at least he can get some kip n let me sleep a little in the morning, right?

I am officially starting my Open Uni course on saturday. That’s when our weeks begin, due to it being a distance learning facility I suppose. Either way, I’m excited and slightly daunted by it all. I’ve had a look at the first unit or two, and I’m pretty sure I will do fine with the actual content, it’s more like when am I going to find the time? I’ll just have to cut down on the WoW playing I suppose… (*cries uncontrollably at the thought of losing her addiction hobby*). The course is Data, computing and information, just incase anyone could possibly have forgotten…

Over the past month J and I have come to a decision. A pretty damn big one at that. We’re going to move ‘up north’ to Dingwall/Ross shire area to be closer to his family! It’s going to be a huge change for us, but I think it’s the right one. J has been much happier with the job-hunting since we’ve decided this. I have two half-brothers up that way too, so it’ll be nice to finally get the chance to get to know them properly, and my two little nephews as well!

Something that I never had growing up was much of an extended family. It’s not that it was intended that way, but there is pretty much a full generation gap between me and all my cousins. They grew up together (my brothers included), and then I was the extra that was born from my mum and dad getting together.

Now don’t get me wrong – I don’t resent it or anything, but I do wonder what it would have been like to have more family around. I’ve already done what I can to ‘combat’ that by having Max – now they will always have each other, I can only imagine how nice it would be for them to grow up with their cousins (who are 8 and almost-5) being ‘regular’ in their lives.

So, now it’s just a matter of J finding a job up there, getting our names down on the housing list, selling the place we’re in just now, and moving our butts up there. Not too much to think about eh?

I will really miss seeing my mum and dad as often as I have, but just because I’ll be further away doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll see them too much less than I have been. With J’s family around, I’ll be more likely to be able to take the odd night or two away to see them, which will be nice for all of us!

I just hope that we have an internet connection that’s stable up there… imagine if I couldn’t keep up with my interwebz! Thank goodness for my iPhone, I can always catch up from that and update every now and then if I really am stuck.

So… now it’s just a waiting game really. Lots to do, but it’s all based on one of a few things – the house selling, us getting a place up there, or J getting a job. Which ever of these comes first will set the ball rolling. Keep your fingers crossed for us that it’s the job, cause we *really* need a steady income again.

Well, that’s what’s been going on in my life, what about yours?


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