A Big Mac With Cheese

I think you and I need to have a talk. You came into my life 9 months ago after my painful breakup with PC. We had a complicated, long-term relationship that left me heartbroken. After years of laughter, games, and late night chatting, he just stopped loving me. Out of nowhere, shut me out completely.

Then you showed up. All sleek, handsome and completely foreign. Oh, how your software makings drew my intrigue. All of my friends warned me about you. They said we would be too different for each another. You too complicated, and me on the rebound. But it all just made me want you more.

Now 9 months have passed and I’m afraid that my feelings for you may be changing. I’m sure you can sense it when I ignore your updates, press aggressively on your keys, or when I don’t even bother shutting you down. But you’re starting to…well…suffocate me!

By this time in my relationship with PC, he began slowing down and not attending to my needs like he did in the beginning. But you, you haven’t budged. You still rock my world! But maybe just a little too much. I mean, I’m with you all. day. long. You stand next to me while I’m cooking, lay with me in bed, and sometimes, you even follow me into the bathroom! Not to mention that one time you made my hair look like a lump of seaweed on the webcam.

Honestly, I think we need some space. Your constant email alerts are starting to make me twitch a little. How about an afternoon or two away from each another to do our own thang? Or better yet, we both go into sleep mode for more than 5 hours straight?

Don’t worry, your half bitten logo still lights my fire. I love me some forbidden fruit. But please, let me tinkle in peace.



P.S. Thank you so much for all the comments and suggestions in yesterdays post. I promise to reply or visit some of your blogs today. Mondays always seem to keep me painfully distracted from the blogosphere.


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