13 Ways to keep myself sane

These are the things I’ve been doing to try to not flop into a heap while I’m on my own with the boys:

  1. get up and dressed by 10am at the latest (bearing in mind the boys often don’t wake til after 9am)
  2. get out of the house for a walk every day
  3. keep on top of the housework so it doesn’t get too much
  4. call my mum
  5. try to get them both down for a nap at the same time
  6. blog my heart out (that can only really be done if/when o 5 happens)
  7. try to eat properly and drink plenty of fluids – I get sooo grumpy if I miss out on a meal or get too thirsty
  8. listen to music and have a sing and a dance
  9. play “tickles on the bed” with Zack – that giggling is infectious
  10. make sure both boys are somewhere safe and shut myself in the bedroom listening to a song or two on my iPod full blast.
  11. call a friend, or see if someone can come over – if I need help I try to ask for it, otherwise no one knows I need it!
  12. give Zack a huuuuuuge hug and tell him I love him – usually follows with “I luff you too mummy”…hearts? melting? yup!
  13. and of course the thing that makes everything better, at least for a while… CHOCOLATE!

wow I can’t believe I actually managed to come up with 13! lol


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